Impressive cakes are easy when baking Bundts

Bundts can be decorated easily with icing sugar, or even fresh flowers and fruit for a spring celebration.

Have you ever made a Bundt cake? What makes a Bundt cake different from your run-of-the-mill white cake? Well, if you know your Bundts then you know that is a trick question. A Bundt cake isn’t special because of the recipe, or whether it is a white cake, a vanilla cake, or a chocolate cake. A Bundt cake is special because of its shape.

Introduced and trademarked by the Nordic Ware Company in the early 1950s, a Bundt cake is a type of tube cake. Since the name “Bundt” is a trademark, similar pans are often sold as “fluted tube pans,” or “bundform,” or something like that. The Bundt has a tube in the middle of the pan and today, the pan comes in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. The tube design allows more of the cake mixture to touch the surface of the pan than in a simple round or square pan; this helps provide faster and more even heat distribution during the baking process.

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What is a cake steamer?

cakesteamer copyAre you a fan of the Cake Boss? Or perhaps watching Buddy Valstro, isn’t your idea of an evening well spent; regardless, Buddy made steaming cakes an industry must do.

How do you steam a cake? Some people actually use a clothing steamer to steam the fondant on their finished cakes. Why? Steaming cakes gives a natural shine or glaze. Most fondant dries to a matte finish, but if you’re looking to add a little shine, just add some steam!

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Baked doughnuts are the healthy eaters’ new best friend

doughnut baked

A simple dusting of sugar is all it takes to make these baked doughnuts something special.

Homer Simpson was expressing a sentiment shared by many when he said, “Mmm….doughnut!”

What’s not to like? Deep fried, sugar filled, calorie laden goodness. Well, anyone who is counting calories and choosing to live a more health-conscious lifestyle definitely would not share Homer’s love of this taste bud tempter.

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Become a superhero parent with this fun way to eat veggies

Parents know that sometimes it can be a chore to get kids to eat their daily quota of fruits and vegetables. And if you are one of those parents blessed with a really picky eater, you may be guilty of offering French fries for dinner because you just want that child to eat something — anything!


Start using your spiralizer to get your kids eating their vegetables, and to try a new way to create beautiful dishes.

Okay go get your superhero’s cape ready. No, you aren’t a superhero for letting that ‘cherub’ have fries for dinner, but you will be a hero when you whip up a batch of spiral veggies. Kids just want to have fun and when it comes to mealtime, fun is the smartest way to go about getting them to eat healthy meals. Curly veggie fries – fun, fun, fun! So what’s your superhero “power”? A spiralizer. These nifty gadgets make it easy to create perfect ribbons and spirals of your favourite fruits and vegetables for healthier meals.

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What is the difference between a Dutch Oven and a French oven?

dutch oven copyThe Dutch tradition

Our research tells us that the Dutch oven was originally created by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1700s. The Dutch oven is a large pot with a tight-fighting lid. The pot is usually made of raw cast iron.  The cast iron pot develops a non-stick surface if seasoned (coating the pot with cooking oil and baking it in a 350°F oven for an hour).

The Dutch oven is heavy in weight and can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven. Generally used for braising or making soups and stews, the versatile Dutch oven can also be used for baking bread and deep frying.

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Forget pizza wheels, go for scissors!


pizzascissorsTired of rolling that pizza wheel over and over again to cut through pizza? Tired of that wheel scratching your pizza pan?

Ditch that pizza wheel!

These pizza scissors make light work of cutting out pizza slices. With great features like non-scratching nylon construction and a spatula-style tip that slides easily under pizza, the pizza scissors will become a favourite tool in your kitchen. Works for left- or right- handed users whether you are cutting the thinnest of crusts or deep dish pizza.

Cut into that cheesy goodness!