Celebrate and surprise with a cupcake rack

cupcake rack 2Flowers are always a go-to gift for that special girl, but if the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then what is the go-to gift for a guy? How about flowers that he can eat? What guy wouldn’t want a bouquet of cupcake flowers? Come to think of it, what girl wouldn’t want that bouquet?

Cupcake bouquets have beenaround for a while. In the past, you could order a bouquet and pay a pretty price, or you could make a bouquet yourself , but be prepared with extra time, a great deal of patience, and a warning note to the recipient to look out for the tooth picks that held the bouquet together. Now you have a third option…the cupcake rack!

The innovative rack holds 19 decorated standard-size cupcakes in place in a perfect bouquet. It doesn’t matter if those cupcakes are homemade or store-bought. The rack can be placed in a flower pot, on a platter, even in a carved out pumpkin (aww…flowers for your pumpkin!) Let your imagination go wild. Cupcake bouquets make stunning centrepieces for baby and bridal showers, anniversary dinners, and yes, romantic dinners for two. Hope there’s a cupcake bouquet in your future!

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