Baked doughnuts are the healthy eaters’ new best friend

doughnut baked

A simple dusting of sugar is all it takes to make these baked doughnuts something special.

Homer Simpson was expressing a sentiment shared by many when he said, “Mmm….doughnut!”

What’s not to like? Deep fried, sugar filled, calorie laden goodness. Well, anyone who is counting calories and choosing to live a more health-conscious lifestyle definitely would not share Homer’s love of this taste bud tempter.

We can’t offer you a calorie-free version of the doughnut, but we can suggest a lower calorie and lower fat version. And yes, it is just as delicious! Okay, go get your apron on and prepare to whip up doughnuts in all your favourite flavours. First, put away the gallon of oil and the deep fryer. Yes, you heard that right. No more messy oil splatters to clean up and no more dirty oil to dispose of. How are we making these yummy, lower calorie, less-mess doughnuts? With a doughnut pan!

Baked doughnuts are in style. They can be just as delicious as their deep fried counterparts and with a variety of doughnut pans to choose from you can make baked doughnuts from bite-sized (1¾”Dia) to your “I am hungry and I am eating all of this” size (3½”Dia). You can bake up doughnuts in basic vanilla, holiday-ready red velvet, or anything your heart desires (the consensus around here is double Nutella). Go ahead, experiment! Try gluten-free versions. Try plain versions. Try baking up a batch then decorate with your favourite buttercream and sprinkles.

We hope every batch you bake makes you say “Mmm….doughnut!”

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