Become a superhero parent with this fun way to eat veggies

Parents know that sometimes it can be a chore to get kids to eat their daily quota of fruits and vegetables. And if you are one of those parents blessed with a really picky eater, you may be guilty of offering French fries for dinner because you just want that child to eat something — anything!


Start using your spiralizer to get your kids eating their vegetables, and to try a new way to create beautiful dishes.

Okay go get your superhero’s cape ready. No, you aren’t a superhero for letting that ‘cherub’ have fries for dinner, but you will be a hero when you whip up a batch of spiral veggies. Kids just want to have fun and when it comes to mealtime, fun is the smartest way to go about getting them to eat healthy meals. Curly veggie fries – fun, fun, fun! So what’s your superhero “power”? A spiralizer. These nifty gadgets make it easy to create perfect ribbons and spirals of your favourite fruits and vegetables for healthier meals.

You and your picky eater will enjoy zucchini noodles, beet and carrot spirals, and ribbons of apples and pears. But spiralizing isn’t just about food that looks fun; nutritionists agree that spiralizing improves the nutritional value and taste profile of veggies and fruits. A spiralizer is perfect for low-carbohydrate, diabetic, and gluten-free diets too, because by focusing on a higher intake of fruits and vegetables helps in decreasing the overall intake of processed or refined foods. So go ahead, have your fun and eat it too!

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