What is a cake steamer?

cakesteamer copyAre you a fan of the Cake Boss? Or perhaps watching Buddy Valstro, isn’t your idea of an evening well spent; regardless, Buddy made steaming cakes an industry must do.

How do you steam a cake? Some people actually use a clothing steamer to steam the fondant on their finished cakes. Why? Steaming cakes gives a natural shine or glaze. Most fondant dries to a matte finish, but if you’re looking to add a little shine, just add some steam!

A steamer is also great for setting powdered colours that have been brushed onto flowers, leaves, and other fondant and gum paste pieces. And steaming can help remove any excess icing sugar, corn flour, or cornstarch that may have settled on your cake during the decorating process; the steamer is also great for removing fingerprints and tool marks. In short, steaming adds more drama, more impact, and more “wow”.

Don’t have a clothing steamer or space to store one? Enter the cake steamer! A cake steamer doesn’t spit droplets of water like a clothing steamer does (those droplets are not good for your cakes). Also, smaller, more manageable, and easier to store than your standard steamer, the cake steamer is the go-to gadget for cakes steamed to perfection!

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