About Us

Welcome to our blog … Golda’s Kitchen Knows.

Golda’s Kitchen is both an online business and a retail store; both platforms are manned by a diverse group of men and women of all ages and races; many of us have years of experience in the retail industry, we have a few culinary artists, some of us are home chefs, some of us are baking enthusiasts, and some of us are just fascinated by all kitchen gadgets.  We all want you to feel at home here.

We will address questions that come to us from you our online and retail customers.  Sometimes we will share emerging trends, experiences of recipes gone wrong and how to prevent these catastrophes from happening to you, and we will share what we have collectively learned about the joys, and alas, the disappointments we have experienced in our own kitchens.

Do you have a question about baking, cake decorating, about caring for your cookware, or about anything related to kitchen preparations? Please connect with us.  Come on in, pour yourself a cup of tea, and make yourself at home in our kitchen.